How transfer airtime on Airtel Me2U in Nigeria 2020

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25. Feb 2020
How transfer airtime on Airtel Me2U in Nigeria 2020

    In this very article, I will writing about everything you need to know about how to transfer airtime on Airtel Me2U in Nigeria. I will be showing you how to get started, how to change your password, how to change default Me2U pin and how to transfer credit or airtime on Airtel Network.


    Transferring airtime or credit on Airtel network is very simple. You don’t have to go to an Airtel outlet to do that. You can do it right there in the comfort of your home. Once you have your active SIM and a mobile phone [be it internet enabled mobile phone or not], you are good to go. Without wasting much time, let me guide you through on the few steps you will take in other to start transferring airtime or credit to other Airtel subscriber.


   Airtel Me2U registration


  As far as you are an active Airtel subscriber, you have been registered automatically. You don’t need any other registration. Once you an active line, you can enjoy this awesome service. The only thing you should do is to change the default pin.

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  How to change Airtel Me2U default pin


  Initially, all Airtel lines come with one pin which is 1234, this pin is for all the Airtel SIM. I think first thing is to change this pin before your mobile phone gets into the wrong hands.

  Follow the steps below to change your pin :

  • First and foremost, navigate to your mobile phone SMS menu.

  • Type the following: Note [space] should not be included. Type PIN OLDPIN NEWPIN and send it to 432.

You Message should look like this: “PIN 1234 3241” and send to “432”. NOTE: Old pin is the default pin which is 1234.

  • Once you have done this you will get a confirmation message that will tell you that your pin have been changed successfully.


  Tips when changing your Airtel Me2U pin.


     We always lay emphasis on using a strong password or pin. This is to reduce scam or fraud. Most time so many people don’t heed to this advice. They always cry foul when they get scammed. No matter how irrelevant something is, never use a simple password for security reasons.


  When changing your Airtel me to you pin, do not:

  • Used a single number for password: Never make the mistake of using 0000, 1111, 5555 etc. These pins are easy to guess.

  • Do not use your date of birth: The first pin people always try using is your year or date of birth. Avoid using these pins at all cost.

  • Do not use a straight password all in the name of easy to remember. So many people always use this easy password and their excuse will always be that it’s easy to remember. Note that it will be also easy to guess by others and if they eventually get it right, you know the rest of the story.

  • Do not use last digit of your phone number. Avoid these digits by all means. It’s easy to guess.




  How to transfer Airtime or credit on Airtel Me2U in Nigeria


   Note:  This tutorial doesn’t cover making transfer with mobile app. We are writing a comprehensive article on that.


  • Navigate to your SMS Menu on your mobile phone.

  • Create a new SMS.

  • Type 2u [space] recipient’s Airtel mobile number [space] Amount to be transferred [space]

   Let’s take for instance, you want to transfer N200 to 08000000000, you will simply type 2u 08000000000 2000 3241 and send it as a text message.

  • Send the SMS to 432.

  • Once you sent the message, the airtime will be transferred immediately and you will receive a confirmation message.


 Note: Airtel charges N10 for this service. You will only be charged after a successful transfer. Change of pin and other inquiries will not cost you a dime.


How to recover your Airtel Me2u Pin.


You can now reset your Airtel Me2U pin by contacting Airtel customer support by calling 111 or 112.

 Note: In other to reset your Airtel Me2U pin, you must provide the last 5 digits of the serial number on the SIM and last recharge amount.


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