Price of Lexus RX300 in Nigeria. [ First Generation]

I will be showing you the prices of Lexus Rx300 in Nigeria. You also learn the brief history of this car and also the specifications.

9. Feb 2020
Price of Lexus RX300 in Nigeria. [ First Generation]

In this post, I will be enlightening you on the price of Lexus RX300 in Nigeria. This is like a shopper’s guide. I will be review price of RX300 from 1999-2003.


  Before I start this post, I will take you through a brief history of the Lexus RX. Without wasting much time, let’s get started.

 price of lexus rx300 in Nigeria

Brief history of RX300

  The Lexus RX is a mid size luxury crossover SUV  that came into existence in 1998. The car is produced by Lexus, a luxury division of Toyota. The car was released in its home market of Japan in the late 1997. The export sale for this mid size SUV began in March 1998. The first generation Lexus RX was a compact size SUV while the other three generations up till date are classified as mid size.


   Both the front wheel drive and four wheel drive configurations have been used on the RX series. Several gasoline power train options including V6 engines and hybrid systems have been used on these series.


    The first generation RX 300 was fitted with a 3.0 Liter V6 engine and sales began in 1998. The RX was built on a unibody chassis. Among the design features, the vehicle came with a front triangular quarter windows, rear liftgates with top-mounted spoiler etc. The first-generation of this series was built in Kyushu, Japan.

 price of lexus rx300 in nigeria

   They came with 4-speed automatic transmission. They were available in front wheel drive [MCU10] and all wheel drive [MCU15] form, which comprised all RX300 sales in the export market from 1998 – 2003. The entertainment system consist of a 240 Watt, 7-speaker Pioneer sound system, while Nakamichi customized sound system was available as an option. The interior design consist of Walnut wood trim and an optional in-dash six-CD changer.


   The interior featured a leather trim, two rows of seats, and a rear cargo area which could be concealed beneath a Tonneau cover.  The Dashboard had a LCD [Liquid Crystal Display] multi-information screen for audio, climate anmd data performance. This came along with a U- shaped wood trim piece and a pair of air conditioning vents .


   As for the safety, these series comes with driver and passenger front airbags, front seat mounted side torso air bags, anti lock brakes, side impact door beams, day time running lights and five head rests as standard.


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