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2022 Ferrari Daytona SP3 specs and price in Nigeria

 The 2022 Ferrari Daytona SP3 is designed to pay homage to the legendary 1-2-3 finish on February 6th, 1967 at the 24 Hours of Daytona and also pay homage to the Ferrari sports prototypes that helped earn the marque its unparallel motorsport status. Ferrari unveiled the car at the Mugello Circuit during the 2021 Ferrari Finalli Mondiali, the limited edition is designed to join the Icona series which debuted in 2018 with Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2. This article will give you insight into the specifications, MSRP, and price of 2022 Ferrari Daytona SP3 in Nigeria.

The all-new 2022 Daytona SP3 takes its inspiration from the sophisticated engineering solutions already adopted in racing in the 1960s.

2022 Ferrari Daytona SP3 specs and price in Nigeria

Engine and power

The Daytona SP3 was unveiled with a naturally aspirated V12, mid-rear-mounted engine. It produces 840 cv and 697 Nm of torque at 9,500 rpm. The engine is the most powerful engine ever built by Ferrari.

 The sports car accelerates from zero to 100km/h in just 2.58s and from zero to 200km/h in just 7.4s.

 The exterior

The exterior of the Ferrari Daytona SP3 is unique. It features butterfly doors, which have an airbox integrated into them to channel air into the side-mounted radiators. It also features clean double-crested front wings to enhance the design as well as the aerodynamics.

2022 Ferrari Daytona SP3 specs and price in Nigeria

 Ferrari moved the wing mirrors ahead of the doors to the top of the wings, recalling again the sports prototypes of the 1960s. This was done to provide better visibility and reduce the impact of the wing mirrors on the airflow to the door intakes.

 The front of the all-new Daytona SP3 features two imposing wings that feature outer and inner crests: the latter dive into two air vents on the bonnet, making the wings look wider. The relationship between the perceived mass created by the outer crest and the aerodynamic role of the inner one underscores how styling and technology are inextricably linked in this car. The front bumper has a generous central grille framed by two pillars and a series of stacked horizontal blades framed by the outer edge of the bumper. The headlight assemblies are characterized by an upper mobile panel that recalls the pop-up headlights of early supercars, a theme dear to Ferrari tradition that lends the car an aggressive, minimalist look. Two bumperettes, a reference to the aero flicks featured on the 330 P4 and other sports prototypes, emerge from the outer edge of the headlights, adding a further expressiveness to the front of the car.

A series of horizontal blades complete the rear, creating the impression of a light, a radical, structured monolithic volume that lends the Daytona SP3 a look that is both futuristic and a nod to signatures from Ferrari’s DNA.

Interior design

The Daytona SP3’s cockpit takes its inspiration from history Ferraris such as the 330 P3/4, the 312P, and the 350 Can-Am. The interior is unique and luxurious.

the interior of 2022 Ferrari Daytona SP3

 Check out photos of the interior below.

the interior of 2022 Ferrari Daytona SP3


The objective with the Daytona SP3 was to introduce aerodynamic solutions that would make this the Ferrari with the highest level of passive aero efficiency ever. This required painstaking attention to detail when designing the radiating masses for efficient heat dissipation. Management of hot air flows was thus vital to defining a layout that was as integrated as possible with the overall aerodynamic concept.

the exterior of 2022 Ferrari Daytona SP3 in nigeria

The increase in the F140HC’s engine power output meant a corresponding increase in the thermal power that had to be dissipated and thus an increase in the radiating masses for the coolant. To allow for the aerodynamics solutions required for the front end meant concentrating development on cooling efficiency first and foremost. Thus detailed work went into the design of the fan housing, the opening on the underbody to evacuate hot air, and the intake duct which were all optimized to avoid having to increase the size of the front radiators.

 7-Years Maintenance

Customers will enjoy 7-years of free maintenance and it’s available across the entire range.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of the 2022 Ferrari Daytona SP3

The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail price of the 2022 Ferrari Daytona SP3 is approximately $2.25 million

 Price of 2022 Ferrari Daytona SP3 in Nigeria

The price of 2022 Ferrari Daytona SP3 in Nigeria will start at 2 Billion Naira.

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