About Us

 Sellatease.com was created by a Nigerian  Web developer and Blogger. The website was not just created because he can create the website. He looked at the sufferings of the people, the long gap between the buyer and the seller and also the fear in the heart of the buyer and seller who cannot transact business in a good mood because of the fear of being scammed.

 The website was created to solve the problems related to buying and selling. To also bring the  buyer and seller closer on the platform.   In this 21ST Century, everything is now done online, buying and selling is not an exception. That’s why deemed it fit to build this awesome platform and make it free for all.

 The website was created to help the sellers and entrepreneurs to have an  online market place where they can dispose their goods and services for free and get real and potential buyers. Its of no use if you have goods and you are not selling it, you will go bankrupt over night and you will not be happy if you find yourself in such a situation. That why Sellatease came online.

Also, the buyers were considered too when building this awesome platform. The platform was built to bring the buyer closer to the seller. Not only that, it was built to provide trust on the side of the buyer, because any item you see here, you have to pay on delivery and also in good condition. Also to bring all the goods and services to one platform in order to help the buyers buy what they want without stress.

  As the name Sell at ease implies, the platform is built to make buying and selling to be done  at ease, without fear.

  Thanks for working with our platform.

 Best regards,


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