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   Today you will be learning about how to clean your phone, things you should never use to clean your phone, the processes you have to follow in other to clean your phone. I will be covering everything about cleaning your phone.

Cleaning your phone is not all about cleaning the screen. You can clean every other part of the mobile phone. To get a standard phone cleaning, you have to spend just a few cash.

  Let’s start by showing you how to clean you iPhone.

    iPhone is known for luxury and I know you wouldn’t purchase an iPhone for over 1000$ and then leave it dirty. You should clean your iPhone regular. Lets give you some tips on how to clean your iPhone thoroughly.

  Note: For the fact I said iPhone, it does not mean its for iPhones only. It universal and you can follow this process to clean any other mobile phone e.g Tecno, infinix, Samsung, HTC, Itel, Lenovo etc.

  1. Unplug all cables and turn off your iPhone. Your iPhone should be turned off while cleaning your iPhone. This will reduce the risk of so many unwanted touches.
  2. Use a soft, slightly damp, lint free cloth: Using a soft and slightly damp close is the best option here because if you go for a heavy cloth, it may wet your mobile phone and you know very well that most phones don’t like wet conditions.
  3. Use a soft, lint free cloth with warm soapy water if the material is still present: In a situation where the material is still stuck there after cleaning, you should try using a warm soapy water to clean it. The water should not be too warm as this may damage your screen or other parts of the iPhone.
  4. While cleaning your iPhone, do not let the moisture come in contact with the opening:  You should not that those opening link to the mobile phones panel and any moisture that passes through that opening might damage some vital parts in your iPhone. Openings such as ear phone jacks should be properly sealed or covered with materials so the moisture do not find its way in.
  5. Do not use cleaning products or compressed air:
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So many times, we use lubricants to clean our phones without knowing the side effect of that. I will be giving you a full list of things you shouldn’t use to clean your phone.

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 Things you shouldn’t use to clean your phone

  I will be giving you a comprehensive list of things you should not use to clean your phone. Most of us are guilty of using these things to clean your mobile phones. These things will always clean your phone but the after effect is alarming. Continuous use of these things can kill your mobile phone. Other may find a way into your phone and reduce the performance of some units.

  1. Kitchen cleaners: Kitchen cleaners are not good for cleaning your phone. Apple also suggests that Kitchen cleaners should not be used to clean your phone. It’s confirmed that its abrasive formula can harm the protective layer.
  2. Windows cleaner: Windows cleaner are abrasive too. It contains high abrasive formula. They can harm the protective layer of your screen.
  3. Paper towels: This is not a good alternative to use for cleaning. It may shred and get stuck on your phone opening.
  4. Makeup remover: The chemical combination in a makeup remover can harm your phone. The coated parts can peel off due to the high abrasive content.
  5. Compressed air: Blowing an intense amount of air into its portals can cause so many damages. In Nigeria, 90% of mobile phone repairers are all guilty of this.
  6. Dish and hand soap: Using these soaps is not always advisable but it can be used with water. Note that most companies always suggest you keep water away from your phone especially the ones that are not water resistant.
  7. Disinfectant wipes. This is the same as others.
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In Summary, the recommended things to use when cleaning your mobile phones are :

  1. A lint free cloth and
  2. A soft, lint free cloth with warm soapy water to remove dirt that is still present after cleaning with a lint free cloth.

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