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Price of bulletproof Lexus LX570 in Nigeria

 So many people are asking questions about the price of 2021 bulletproof Lexus Lx570 in Nigeria. Today, I will be writing this concise article on the price of brand new and used bulletproof Lexus LX 570 for sale in Nigeria.

  Buying a bulletproof Lexus LX570 in Nigeria is really cool if you can afford it. If you are on a low budget, you can go for a Nigerian used. Only people who have more than enough in their bank account. You can spend up 130 Million Naira.

bulletproof lexus lx570 in Nigeria

  What documents should I look out for when buying a bulletproof Lexus LX570 in Nigeria.

 There are some documents you should be on the look out for when buying a bulletproof Lexus Lx570. They include:

  • Nigerian Custom duty documents.
  • EUC [ End User Certificate]
  • Original car purchase receipt.
  • Plate Number Allocation.
  • Road worthiness.
  • Current Insurance
  • Tinted Permit document
  • Engine Number.
  • Plate number
  • Police report
  • Change of ownership papers issued

 Let me give a brief description of the above.

  1. Nigerian Custom duty documents:

  This is very important when buying any car, be it used or brand new. Without this, you are not a patriotic citizen and if you get arrested, you will pay dearly for it. The custom duty should be authentic. Most times, it’s always good to confirm the authenticity of these documents before buying the car.

  1. EUC [End User Certificate]

  This is very important. The EUC is always issued by the Chief security officer. This is issued to check mate the use if these armored cars.

  1. Original car purchase receipt:

  You should always ask for this if you are buying a Nigerian used car.

  Others are self explanatory. We will explain them in details in our subsequent post.

  Let’s get down to the price of Bulletproof Lexus LX570 in Nigeria.

 I will be reviewing the price in two categories:

  • Brand new
  • Used
  • Price of brand new Lexus LX570 in Nigeria
Price of brand new bulletproof Lexus LX570 in Nigeria180,000,000 – 215,000,000 Naira

Price of used Lexus LX570 in Nigeria:

  These particular high end cars don’t a fixed price for the used ones so we will be estimating the price here.

Price of Nigerian used Lexus LX570 in Nigeria30,000,000 – 150,000,000 Naira

  If you need the full specifications of 2021 Lexus LX570 in Nigeria, you can check out the links.

 You can also check out our brand new 2021 bulletproof Lexus LX570 for sale in Nigeria.

 Compare prices of Lexus LX570 in Nigeria.

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