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Things you must consider and check when buying a used Smartphone

Buying a used smartphone is a good option especially if you are looking forward to buying a luxury smartphone at a reduced price. If you want to buy a luxury iPhone or Samsung mobile device, you should try buying a used one especially if you are on a low budget.

In this article, I will be covering two voluminous topics which are:

1. things to consider when buying a used Smartphone and

2. things to check when buying a used smartphone.

The two subheadings look similar but they are two different topics. When you talk about things to consider, you talk about the budget, the purpose for which you are buying the phone, etc. On the other hand, if you are talking about things to check when buying a used smartphone, you talk about the IMEI, Battery, screen, ports, software, etc.

things to check when buying a used phone

Without wasting much time lets dive into the discussion of the day. Let’s start with things to put into consideration when buying a used mobile phone.

These are the main factors that will determine the mobile phone you will buy or purchase. Without the considerations, you don’t have any mobile phone you are checking. Let’s start with the number one thing to consider on the list which is the budget.

1. Budget: 

This is number one on my list. My reason is the fact that you can’t purchase any item that you can’t afford. The budget plays a very significant role in things you must consider when buying a used mobile phone. My kind advice when it comes to your budget, I always advise all my readers to map out a good budget that will get them a good used mobile without breaking the bank. Before increasing your budget, it’s worthy to always perform some necessary checks so as not to go broke after buying the device.

2. Purpose of buying the mobile phone:

This is the next consideration in line. Ask yourself, for what purpose am I buying this mobile phone? Will this phone suit my business? Is the phone fast? Is it pocket friendly? These are questions you should ask yourself when it comes to the purpose of buying the device.

You must put everything into consideration so you don’t make a costly mistake that can ruin everything. Before walking into a mobile phone dealer’s shop, make sure you make proper research on the review of the mobile phone you are buying. Check the network, the battery life, etc. don’t forget to read reviews written by users who must have used it. All this information will give you more insight into the mobile phone you will be going for. 

Things to check when buying a used Android phone.

   Now we have given you some major considerations, its time for you to give you a list of things you should check when buying a used Android phone.

Check the exterior for scratches and wears:

This is the first thing you should look out for. Once you set your eyes on the device, you should be able to ascertain if it is clean or not. Aside from that, you should try as much as possible to scrutinize the device to make sure that there is no crack, dents, or any other external damage thereon.

Check the battery life:

iPhones, unlike any other mobile device come with a built-in feature that automatically states the battery life of the device. Most Android devices don’t come with this feature and you have to check this manually. Turn on the device and try playing games, music, etc for a while to ascertain the battery life. Bear it in mind that if the device battery life is not good, you will not enjoy the device and it won’t serve the purpose for which it was bought.

Make sure it’s not locked:

  Make sure it’s not locked. Try accessing all the applications before buying a used phone. If you buy a phone that is locked out, you might land yourself in jail or something bigger. Most time, they will tell you it’s theirs and they forgot the password. Don’t heed to that. You shouldn’t have a phone than having a locked device.

things to check when buying a used iphone

Check the screen:

A thorough check must be carried out to make sure the screen is still in its factory state. There are so many things you should be on the lookout for. They include a. water damage b. cracks c. lines on the screen etc.

Make sure that the screen is the original screen. Buying a device with the factory fitted screen is always the best option.

Check the camera:

In this era, one of the reasons we buy a smartphone is the camera. You must check the camera to make sure the lens is not blurry or cracked. Take some nice shots to unveil some other hidden defects in the camera.

things to consider when buying a used phone

Check the ports and buttons:

Most smartphones come with limited buttons and ports. You must plug in all the jacks and test it before thinking of buying the device. Try pressing all the buttons and performing an in-depth examination of it. Once you detect any stiff button, scrap the idea of buying that device.

Check the RAM and storage to make sure they are complete:

Go to the settings and confirm these details for yourself. Make sure it’s the same data that it’s written on the box that is contained inside the box.

Try as much as possible to check if the device you are buying is original:

They are so many fake gadgets in the devices in the market today and it takes a very thorough inspection to get a genuine device. The worst part is the fact that the genuine and fake gadgets look alike. You have to hire the service of a mobile phone dealer or geek to help you out in this.

Last but not least is to compare the prices of the mobile phone you want to buy:

You should make proper research about the price so you don’t get screwed. You can go to E-commerce websites, price reviews, blogs, etc to compare the price of the device you want to buy. A typical example is the comprehensive price review of the UK used iPhone in Nigeria.

With this, I hope you are armed with enough information that will guide you through when you want to buy a used smartphone.

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