How to check the owner of a plate number in Nigeria

How to check the owner of a plate number in Nigeria

   Plate numbers are issued worldwide, Nigeria is not an exception, a unique number is given to every vehicle in other to distinguish it from the other. I will be focusing on how to check or look for information about a plate number in Nigeria.

   With the methods I will list below, you can know the owner of a plate number without visiting the FRSC office.

  The reason why people check the owner of a plate number.

 There are reasons why people check the owner of a plate number. They are for security reasons and fun.

  1. Security reasons: Most people who are robbed or attacked with a particular vehicle will want to check the owner of the plate number so they can arrest him and sue him to court.
  2. Fun: Imagine a friend pulling up in an exotic ride and you are not sure he owns it, if you’re smart, you can just check the information related to the plate number. With this, you will know what’s up.

 Ways of looking up information about a particular vehicle’s plate number

 There are so many ways you can get the details of the owner of a particular plate number in Nigeria. They include: getting full details from FRSC, through SMS, and downloading the data from the FRSC database. The last method is the easiest because it very simple and you can access the information anywhere and anytime.

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  How to get the details of a plate number from the Federal Road Safety Corps

 This method requires the individual to report the case to the Police.

  1. Report the case to the police.
  2. Request for a Police report
  3. Take the Police report to any FRSC office nearest to you.

How to look up information about a particular license plate via SMS

  This method is the easiest because you can perform it with or without an internet-enabled device.

 Open your phone SMS, Send [Verify Plate Number] to 33324.

 Example: Verify Plate Number AN674ORM send it to 33324.

   Once you have sent this, you will receive the information regarding the plate number in few minutes.

  How to check the owner of a plate number online in Nigeria

  21 century is all about smart life. The internet has turned the world into a global village. Tons of information is dispersed on the internet daily.

   To get the information about the plate number, visit, type in the plate number in the given space, click submit and it will display all the information related to it.

   If you want to get the full data, you can get full details by hiring an FRSC agent or staff. In this era where your NIN is linked with your driver’s license, all the information is linked up in the database.

 With this, I hope you are enlightened. Don’t forget to share and subscribe.

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