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Bentley Bentayga price in Nigeria

Bentley Bentayga is a 5 door cross over SUV [Sports Utility Vehicle] marketed by Bentley. The production of the SUV started in December 2015 ahead of the 2016 model year. The car is assembled in Crewe, United Kingdom. In today’s quick review, I will be focusing on the history, specifications, and price of Bentley Bentayga in Nigeria.

Bentley Bentayga price in Nigeria

   In September 2015, the Bentley Bentayga made its first appearance at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The SUV is a full-time all-wheel drive and the engine bay was filled with a Volkwagen group’s bi-turbo W12 engine and MLB Platform. There was a claim by the company that the Bentayga is the only SUV with the highest top speed 187 mph as well as the second most expensive SUV in production.

   The name Bentayga comes from Rogue Bentayga. This is an emblematic highland rock situated in Tejeda, Gran Canaria, the subtropical Canary Island. The name was officially unveiled by Bentley in January. 

  The Bentley EXP 9 F concept

price of Bentley Bentayga in Nigeria
Bentley EXP 9 F concept in 2012

 The Bentley Bentayga concept codenamed Bentley EXP 9 F debuted at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The concept vehicle was powered by a 6.0 L W12 engine that produces 600 hp.  For the SUV to achieve more traditional SUV proportions and less retro surfacing, the car’s initial design of EXP 9 F was redesigned.

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  The facelift

The Bentayga received a major facelift in 2020 ahead of the 2021 model year. The optional W12 version of the updated Bentley Bentayga has been discontinued.  The changes include new 3D elliptical tail lights with animated LEDs, this was similar to those on the Continental GT, and the number plate was repositioned. The spoiler was extended, new side vents and a new 22 inches wheel design, plus two new paint job.

 The changes also included the replacement of the aging infotainment with a new system show on a high-resolution 10.9-inch touchscreen and this gets a standard wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Bentley Bentayga price in Nigeria
Detachable control

  Some features were updated to meet the new standards, they include USB-C ports, air ionizers, wireless smartphone charging, and an embedded SIM card for data services. This is awesome, this means that you will have a SIM card dedicated to data services on your car.

  The last but not the least is the upgrade in the audio system. The new standard audio system includes a 790W, 12 speaker stereo, with an optional Naim Bentley system taking that to 1780W and 20n speakers. With these speakers, the car can serve as a home theatre.

  Transmission and powertrains

  The new twin-turbo W12 engine was introduced in the 2016 Bentley Bentayga. The earlier models of the Bentayga came with an older W12 engine option. The old engine was capable of bypassing 6 cylinders if needed. The engine can accelerate from 0 – 60 mph in just 4.0 seconds and it has a top speed of 301 km-h.

The Bentayga uses a 48-volt electrical system to control its electrically controlled active anti-roll bar [EWAS], which aids the heavy SUV to reduce body roll.

   There was a massive breakthrough when the V8 engine was introduced in 2018. The V8 is lower than its W12 variant. The V8 can accelerate from 0 – 60 mph in 4.4 seconds and it has a top speed of 180 mph.

    The Bentayga comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission. 

   The Hybrid version

 The company revealed the Hybrid version at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show and it went on sale in the UK, Europe, and North America in October 2019. The Hybrid version is a combination of a 3.0L V6 turbo petrol engine and an electric motor. The output of the hybrid version is pegged at 443 hp and a corresponding torque of 700 N.m. 

Price of Bentley Bentayga in Nigeria

Bentley Bentayga price in Nigeria

  The article will be incomplete if I don’t review the price of Bentley Bentayga in Nigeria. I will start with the price of the foreign used popularly known as tokunbo, then I move over to the price of Nigerian used version, and lastly, I will review the price of brand new Bentley Bentayga in Nigeria. 

  Price of tokunbo Bentley Bentayga in Nigeria

 The price of tokunbo Bentayga is a bit hard to review owning to the fact there is no tokunbo unit in the country. I will review the price we use to pre-order a Bentayga for our clients.

Price of tokunbo Bentley Bentayga in Nigeria 150,000,000 – 250,000,000 Naira
Bentley Bentayga price in Nigeria

 Price of Nigerian used Bentley Bentayga

  If you are looking for a Nigerian used Bentley Bentayga, I will advise you to desist from it because you may not find any.  I will give you any price for now because the car is not available at all. If you happen to see anyone, I will advise you to negotiate with the owner and pick the ride.

  Price of brand new 2022 Bentley Bentayga in Nigeria

Bentley Bentayga price in Nigeria

 Buying a brand new Bentley Bentayga is very easy because we can just airlift it to Nigeria in 5 working days with little or no downtime payment. You may like to view this article on how to pre-order a car to Nigeria with zero downtime payments. 

Price of brand new 2022 Bentley Bentayga in Nigeria 300,000,000 – 400,000,000 Naira

 Where and how can I buy a Bentley Bentayga in Nigeria since there is no Bentley office in the country?

 This is the question on the mind of so many people. You can check out our full list of Bentley Bentayga for sale in Nigeria or….

We have a way around this. We can import the car into the country in just 5 working days. The best part is the fact that we offer no downtime payments in most cases.

 If you have any inquiries to make as regarding this, contact Alpha Luxury Wheels Limited (RC: 1884142) on 08107992356 for inspection and pick up. 

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