Ferrari F8 Tributo wins again at the 2020 sport auto Awards

price of Ferrari F8 Tributo in Nigeria

 Ferrari F8 Tributo has won another prestigious award from the leading German automotive magazine, sports auto. The F8 Tributo was named the Best Imported Production coupe over 150,000 Euros for the second year running. It would be recalled that the coupe won the award in the same category in the 2019 edition. This article will also give you more insight on the price of Ferrari F8 Tributo in Nigeria.

 Specification of Ferrari F8 Tributo

 Ferrari F8 Tributo is a mid-rear engine sports car that represents the highest expression of the Prancing Horse’s classic two-seater Berlinetta. The name Tributo is used to pay homage to Ferrari’s most powerful ever V8 which won the International Engine of the Year awards four years ago. It was also voted the best engine for the last two decades. 

  Ferrari F8 Tributo engine delivers 720 cv and a specific power output of 185 cv/l.

 Global pricing of Ferrari F8 Tributo

The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail price of the Ferrari F8 Tributo starts from $276,550

 Price of 2021 Ferrari F8 Tributo in Nigeria

The price of 2021 Ferrari F8 Tributo in Nigeria ranges from 230,000,000 Naira, it covers both the customs duty and other taxes.

  We have delivery of a brand new 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo for sale in Nigeria.

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