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Factory unlocked, chip unlock, and worldwide unlock in UK used iPhones; The meaning

 For most users, factory unlocked, chip unlock, and worldwide is not something new to them but for some other users, it’s a new word that they might have heard but don’t know the meaning of it. This article will give the full meaning and every other to know about factory unlocked, chip unlocked, and worldwide unlock in UK-used iPhones.

 What does factory unlock in iPhones mean?

Factory-unlocked iPhones are those devices that are produced for an international market or devices that you purchased directly from the Company. These devices are not locked to any foreign carrier like Sprint, T-mobile, or any other carrier, these devices work perfectly well with any carrier, irrespective of the country. These devices give you full control with no restrictions, you can switch SIMs anyhow without using a chip.

 Advantages of buying a factory unlocked iPhones

  1. Buying a factory-unlocked device gives you the freedom of using any carrier or SIM on your device.
  2. No need of using a chip to support your SIM before you can use a mobile network.
  3. Higher resale value
  4. No hidden charges


  1. The cost of buying it is higher than chip unlocked and worldwide unlocked.

What does chip unlock in iPhones mean?

Chip-unlocked iPhones are those devices that are locked to a mobile network or carrier. You can only unlock the device by inserting an RSIM with your main SIM. These devices are locked to foreign and can only work with those carriers. If you can remember when MTN released a device that used only the carrier’s SIM, that’s the same thing that is playing out here, it won’t work with any other carrier.

 How can I unlock a SIM-locked iPhone?

  1. Place your SIM card on the chip or the RSIM. Check the picture of the RSIM below.
  2. Insert the two together into your iPhone SIM tray.
  3. Once you have completed this, boom, your phone is good to go.

How can I unlock a network-locked iPhone 14 without a SIM tray?

If you own an iPhone 14 that comes with E-SIM, you have to hold on a little longer let’s see if there is a way it can be bypassed. You can only use the device on WiFi only until there is a way out for it.

Note: We don’t support cracking, hacking, or any other related actions that are against the producer’s will. We are only reviewing what we saw.

 What does worldwide unlock in UK-used iPhones mean?

I know you must have heard it before but you might be wondering what the meaning is. Worldwide unlocked iPhones are devices that are locked to a carrier but cracked to accept other carriers just like a normal factory unlocked device. These devices perform at the same rate as the factory unlocked but the limitation is that you can’t flash it because if you do, the network will lock and it won’t accept Nigerian SIM again, you can either opt for an RSIM or try unlocking it again.

How can I know that my device is factory unlocked, chip unlocked, or worldwide unlocked?

Chip-unlocked devices are detected easily because they won’t work with any SIM other than the default. Insert your Nigerian SIM into it, if it shows, you know it’s either factory-unlocked or worldwide unlocked.

 For factory-unlocked devices and worldwide unlocked devices, they are not detected easily, your vendor is the only person that will tell you the truth.

There is only one way to know if its factory unlocks and that’s by flashing the device. If it’s factory unlocked, after flashing, it will still accept but if it’s not, that is the end until you use the chip or try cracking it again.

I believe you have learned everything about factory-unlocked devices, worldwide unlocked devices, and chip-unlocked devices.

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  1. If I can’t flash a worldwide unlocked iPhone. Can I update it to iOS 16 without loosing carrier lock??

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