Price of Hyosung Midas in Nigeria

 Hyosung Midas is one of the most used motorcycle models been used by Nigerian youths now. Aside from its sleek and unique design, the power and speed are superb. I love the bike, it’s sweet, and the plastic body gives it a luxurious look. For my fellow admirers, I will review the specifications and prices of Hyosung Midas in Nigeria.

  Things to consider before buying a Hyosung Midas

 There are things to consider before buying a Midas so you don’t buy a huge liability. They include high cost of maintenance, excessive speed, super light body, and other factors.

  • High cost of maintenance: The high cost of maintaining a Hyosung Midas must be put into consideration before embarking on the mission. The parts are quite costly so you must have a huge income to cover them. When I say costly, I don’t mean to say that it’s that huge, it’s just a bit higher than other brands.
  • Cost of replacing the plastic body: While hoping for the best, prepare for the worst. The plastic body can crack with time or it can crack when you crashed. The cost of replacing the plastic body is slightly high.
Price of Hyosung Midas in Nigeria

Good side of the Hyosung Midas

Midas is very unique and sleek, the design is superb. Once a neat one passes by, you must be tempted to look back.

  • The unique design: the design is awesome and the color combination is cool. The plastic body gave the company the power to design it to suit all-purpose.
  • The impressive speed: The weight-to-power ratio is very low and this makes the bike accelerate faster.
  • Note: Don’t try to over speed with the bike because is very light, the bike can crash and leave you with life-threatening injuries or even death. Drive to live, we care.
  • Durability: It’s durable, the plastic body lasts longer. The engine and other parts last longer.

Price of Hyosung Midas in Nigeria

 The Hyosung Midas comes as tokunbo, there is nothing like brand new in Nigeria. I will give you the pricing in Nnewi, Onitsha, Anambra State, Enugu State and the whole Nigeria.

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Price of Hyosung Midas in Nigeria 250,000 – 330,000 Naira

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