Kia pledges to go green by 2045, unveils roadmap to achievement

Kia pledges to go green by 2045, unveils roadmap to achievement

Kia Corporation has mapped out its vision to switch over to renewable energy by 2045. The company announced its steps to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045, based on three key pillars which are Sustainable Mobility, Sustainable Planet, and Sustainable Energy.

 The pillars will serve as a guide to aid Kia in its efforts to reduce carbon emissions in all operational areas, from supply, logistics, vehicle production, and vehicle use to disposal of waste. By the year 2045, the company has concluded plans to reduce 97% of the company’s 2019 level of carbon emissions.

 Achieving full electrification in major markets by 2040

 Kia has concluded plans to fully electrify its vehicle line-up in Europe by 2035. From the year 2040, Kia’s line-up in key markets around the globe will also be exclusively consistent with electrified models, thereby realizing zero emissions during daily vehicle use.

 This is very important because the single largest portion of carbon emissions generated by any mass vehicle manufacturer occurs when the vehicle is in daily use. Producing electric cars will help save the planet by bringing carbon emissions to zero.

 Achieving RE100 and zero emissions at all Kia business sites

Aside from switching to the production of fully electric cars by 2035, Kia has also pledged to achieve zero emissions across all aspects of its business including all production sites by 2045. This resolution is coming after Hyundai Motor Group and its key subsidiaries announced their plan to join the RE100 initiative in July.

Protecting marine ecosystems and offsetting carbon emissions

To boost the amount of blue carbon, Kia will restore and preserve Korea’s coastal wetlands in collaboration with external partners. As part of the endeavors, Kia plans to discuss specific project opportunities with Korea’s Ministry of oceans and fisheries.

 To build a sustainable future, Kia will also work with ‘The Ocean Cleanup’, the non­profit organization developing and scaling technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. To effectively rid the oceans of plastic, plastic waste currently in the ocean needs to be cleaned and new plastic should be stopped from entering the oceans. ‘The Ocean Cleanup’ to this aim developed ‘Interceptor’ to be deployed in rivers around the world to prevent plastic trash from entering the oceans.

Going forward, Kia will work with ‘The Ocean Cleanup’ to create a resource circulation system. Kia will provide material support to the construction of the Interceptors and will utilize plastic waste gathered from the river cleanup process and use the materials in vehicle production. Kia is planning to increase the company’s percentage of plastic re­use to 20% by 2030.

Introducing the Kia Concept EV9

To further show its commitment to achieving zero emissions by 2045, Kia Corporation has revealed the official images of the Concept EV9. This is an important milestone of the company’s commitment to sustainable mobility solutions.

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