What is the difference between Mercedes Benz AMG and AMG line [///AMG] in Nigeria

 As a Nigerian, I will be telling everything about Mercedes Benz AMG in Nigeria, the difference between the main Mercedes Benz AMG cars from the Mecedes Benz AMG line cars, the specifications of a main AMG car from the rest and the performance of both.

  I know you must have come across many Mercedes Benz cars. Some are AMG while others are not. Most people now upgrade their normal cars to look like the Mercedes Benz  AMG.

Brief history of Mercedes Benz AMG.

AMG was originally an independent company that always upgraded or tuned  Mercedes Benz that need higher performance upgrades in engine, suspension, and brakes among others. Eventually, AMG was bought by Mercedes Benz and it became part of the company.  They even made Mitsubishi Gallant AMG.

 Mercedes Benz AMG cars are designed for performance enthusiasts who want a lot more than just luxury. These are proper sports cars that feature blistering fast 0 – 60 times and track ready.

Mercedes Benz AMG engineering team invests the time and efforts necessary to hand build each engine. These engines make the vehicles that much more exclusive and consequently, more coveted by automobile enthusiasts around the world.

  Facts you need to know about Mercedes Benz AMG.

  1. AMG is now referred to as the sport division of the Mercedes Benz company. There is an AMG model of nearly every Mercedes models.
  2. Mercedes Benz AMG will have a completely different engine from the regular Mercedes Benz.
  3. Mercedes Benz AMG also comes with different exhausts and small exterior body changes.

  How can I identify the main Mercedes Benz AMG in Nigeria?

  Identifying the main Mercedes Benz is very simple. AMG always works on existing models of the Mercedes cars, AMG features luxury Benz while also mixing in a lot of driving fun.

  To differentiate each AMG model, they assigned each of the drive trains or engines number. The main AMG cars are denoted by the class letter followed by only two numbers E.g C63, E63, S65, CLA45, GLE43, GLE63s etc.

  Due to popularity of Mercedes Benz AMG cars in recent times, you can now upgrade your car. You can now buy rims, front splitters, diffusers and carbon details from AMG for your normal Mercedes without the expense and impractically of the performance upgrades. Any Mercedes Benz car that was upgraded with these aesthetic options is known as AMG line.

  These options will upgrade your car’s overall performance at all. The only sweet thing here is your car will now have an AMG look. The upgrades will always give you a slightly more aggressive front bumper, bigger wheels and a sweet interior.

  Check these two designs and confirm. The first picture is a 2016/2017 Mercedes Benz GLE450 for sale in Nigeria while the second one is a tokunbo 2018 Mercedes Benz GLE63S for sale in Nigeria.

tokunbo 2016 gle450
tokunbo 2016 mercedes benz gle450

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