Sellatease partners with EpicVIN to prevent the sales of stolen cars in Nigeria

In recent times, we have been reading news regarding the exportation of stolen cars into Africa. It’s no longer news that most stolen cars find their way to Nigeria. In a bid to keep you on a safer side, we partnered with EpicVIN to give you full details of any car before you make purchases. Aside from giving you information about stolen cars, EpicVIN also gives you salvage history, flood history, accident history, mileage, auction sales, etc.

 EpicVIN is an NMVTIS-Approved (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System) data provider that provides comprehensive vehicle history reports to prospective car buyers to enable them to make an informed purchase decision. The company is reputable, so many top car websites such as AuctionExport among other world-class automotive websites.

 What is a car VIN?

 VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. VIN is a unique code on every vehicle that serves as a fingerprint on cars. It comprises 17 characters made up of letters and numbers.

It displays the car’s unique features, specifications, and manufacturer, it can also be used to track recalls, registrations, warranty claims, thefts, insurance coverage, accident history, and salvage records.

 How to check your car VIN for free

 How to check your car VIN for free

 To check your VIN:

  • Copy out your car VIN. Its always located at the driver’s door as well as the dashboard of the car.
  • Go to
  • Paste the VIN in the box given and click on the search button.
  • Your report will be displayed.

If you need additional information on the car, you can opt for a premium offer.

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