Mercedes Benz attained a net profit of 4.0 billion Euros in 2020

Mercedes Benz net profit 2020

Mercedes Benz has released its report for the fiscal year 2020 which ended on December 31, 2020. While companies were losing their net profit due to the outbreak of the COVID 19 virus, Mercedes Benz was gaining some net profit although the sales dropped a bit. The company’s total unit sales of passenger cars and commercial vehicles decreased by 15%, to 2.84 million (2019: 3.34 million). The revenue was at 154.3 billion Euros (2019: 172.7 billion), which was a reduction of 11% due to the pandemic.

Mercedes Benz net profit 2020

  EBIT of the Daimler Group increased by 53% to 6.6 billion Euros (2019: 4.3 billion Euros), they attained this great height due to the extensive cost and cash preservation measures and strong performance adopted across all divisions. Adjusted EBIT, reflecting the underlying business, was €8.6 billion (2019: €10.3 billion). The figures are based on audited financial statements.

  The net profit improved to 4.0 billion Euros in 2020 against the 2.7 billion Euros in 2019. The net profit attributed to Daimler AG amounted to 3.6 billion Euros (2019: €2.4 billion), leading to an increase in earnings per share to €3.39 (2019: €2.22). At the Annual General Meeting on March 31, 2021, the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board will propose a dividend of €1.35 per share (2019: €0.90). The total payout will therefore amount to €1.4 billion (2019: €1.0 billion).

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