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Price of Toyota Venza in Nigeria

Have you ever searched for a comprehensive list of price of Toyota Venza in Nigeria but you couldn’t find a comprehensive article on that? Do you need to know how this model known as Venza came into place? We got you covered, dive in.

Before you scroll down to check the price of Toyota Venza, don’t you think that you should read about the history of the SUV, the Features, production years and every other detail about Toyota Venza for sale in Nigeria?

  This information will help you make good decision faster. You need to be armed with enough information about a particular car before buying it.

  Let the party begin.

price of Toyota Venza in Nigeria

History of Toyota Venza.

    Toyota Venza is a five-passenger mid-size crossover SUV, though many people doubt if it’s really a SUV [Sport Utility Vehicle]. This is because it’s smaller in size. Toyota Venza was manufactured by Toyota in North America.  It was later unveiled at the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

 Venza is based on Toyota Camry chassis. It’s also similar to Mark X ZiO in concept.

Venza Engine.

  The Toyota Venza is powered by either 3.5 liter 2GR-FE V6 engine or 2.7 liter 1AR-FE I4 engine. Both uses a 6-speed automatic front wheel drive [FWD] and All-wheel drive. It also comes with an electric powered steering.

price of Tokunbo toyota Venza in Nigeria

Fuel economy.

   Toyota Venza’s fuel economy is estimated at 21mpg-us i.e [11L/100km] and on highway 29 mpg-us, that is 8.1 L/100 km.

What’s the meaning of Venza?

   The name Venza is  PORTMANTEAU of Venture and Monza.

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Standard features of Toyota Venza

Venza has so many numerous packages and options. Standard features include fog lamps, 19 inches alloy wheels [for I4] 34 pound 20 inches alloy wheels for V6, homelink, XM satellite radio, 6-disc CD changer, dual zone climate control, electrochromic auto-dimming rear view mirror, 8-way power driver’s seat, steering-wheel mounted audio controls, Hill-start assist control and Toyota Star Safety System.

  The options include heated side view mirrors, automatic high beams with HID lighting, power liftgate leather seats surfaces, 4-way power passenger seat, panoramic glass moonroof, smart key system, 13 speaker JBL sound system with Bluetooth voice activated touch screen DVD navigation system, backup camera and a rear DVD-entertainment system with a 9 inch display and two wireless head phones.

Are all Toyota Venza Full option?

      The answer is No. Full option is when the Toyota Venza comes with front seat heaters, alloy wheels, panoramic roof, reverse camera and leather interior. Once it posses these features, its’ regarded as full option.

Summary of everything you need to know about a Toyota Venza

ManufacturerToyota Motor Corporation
Model years2009 – 2015 for USA2009 – 2017 for non USA
DesignerChung Lee
ClassMid-sized Crossover SUV
Body style5-door station wagon
Engine2.7 L 1AR-FE I43.5L 2GR-FE V6
Transmission6-speed automatic

The Discontinuation.

   Toyota announced in 2015 that the Venza would be discontinued after 2015 model year. The three factors that led to this were :

  • Customer’s preference
  • Competitiveness within the segment and
  • Deteriorating sales.

 According to the company, production of US models ended in June 2015 and export models ended production in 2017.

 Let’s get down to the business of the day.

Toyota Venza in Nigeria

Price of Tokunbo Toyota Venza in Nigeria

Price of Tokunbo 2009 Toyota Venza in Nigeria10,000,000 – 11,500,000 Naira
Price of Tokunbo 2010 Toyota Venza in Nigeria10,500,000 – 12,200,000 Naira
Price of Tokunbo 2011 Toyota Venza11,000,000 – 12,900,000 Naira
Price of Tokunbo 2012 Toyota Venza in Nigeria11,700,000 – 13,500,000 Naira
Price of Tokunbo 2013 Toyota Venza in Nigeria12,300,000 – 14,000,000 Naira
Price of Tokunbo 2014 Toyota Venza in Nigeria13,000,000 – 14,500,000 Naira
Price of Tokunbo 2015 Toyota Venza in Nigeria14,000,000 – 15,500,000 Naira

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Price of Nigerian used Toyota Venza in Nigeria

Price of Nigerian used 2009 Toyota Venza 7,400,000 – 8,300,000 Naira
Price of Nigerian used 2010 Toyota Venza8,000,000 – 8,500,000 Naira
Price of Nigerian used 2011 Toyota Venza8,300,000 – 9,400,000 Naira
Price of Nigerian used 2012 Toyota Venza8,900,000 – 10,500,000 Naira
Price of Nigerian used 2013 Toyota Venza9,500,000 – 10,900,000 Naira
Price of Nigerian used 2014 Toyota Venza10,500,000 – 11,500,000 Naira
Price of Nigerian used 2015 Toyota Venza11,300,000 – 12,500,000 Naira
price of Nigerian used Toyota venza in Nigeria

 The return of Toyota Venza in 2021

 After years of discontinuation, the Toyota Venza is making a comeback in 2021. I have already written a comprehensive article on the specifications and price of the 2021 Toyota Venza. 

Price of 2021 Toyota Venza in nigeria

Price of 2023 Toyota Venza in Nigeria

  I will review the price of this article since it’s a price review of all the Venza models.

Price of 2023 Toyota Venza in Nigeria  55,000,000 – 65,000,000 Naira

Where can I buy a Toyota Venza in Nigeria?

If you are looking forward to buying a Toyota Venza in Nigeria, you can check our list of brand new, tokunbo and locally used Toyota Venza for sale in Nigeria at good rate.

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