Specs and price of Innoson IVM 6110 CNG buses in Nigeria

Innoson took a giant step a few months back when the company released CNG buses into the market. These buses drive on Compressed Natural Gas instead of diesel. Standard on the IVM 6110 is the 8.3-liter Cummins EQC300 engine which produces a maximum power of 100 HP and a torque of 310 Nm. On the inside, the bus features extra luggage spaces, passenger automated doors on both sides TV screens, public address systems, and many more. We will be writing on the full specifications and price of Innoson IVM 6110 CNG buses in Nigeria.

Engine, performance, and transmission

Standard across all IVM 6100 CNG buses is the high-efficiency 8.3-liters Cumming EQC300 engine that generates a maximum power output of 100 HP and 310 Nm of torque. The engine is designed to reduce the cost of fuel as well as release low emissions. The engine is mated to a manual transmission for smooth transmission of power to the wheels.

 The interior

Innoson engineers designed the interior of the bus to offer top-notch comfort with enough legroom and storage space. Standard interior features include extra luggage spaces, passenger automated doors at both sides, air conditioning, TV screens, Public Address Systems for conductor announcements, seat belts for each passenger’s protection (adult and child), rain shield visor with adjustable height, emergency exits at both ends of the coach, handrails on all four sides.

For increased safety, Innoson fitted the buses with reverse alarm switch to reduce the risk of an accident. Occupants will also enjoy the latest multimedia system installed as standard in all grades. The standard Anti Braking System brings the car to a halt when it detects oncoming traffic or sudden movement.

Braking, suspension, and clutch

The all-new IVM 6110 comes standard with an air brake system, F3/R4 with a shocker absorber, and 430 with a clutch booster.

Dimensions and weight

IVM 6110 CNG bus is 2550mm in height, and 1200mm in length. An interior height of 2500mm makes the bus the best option for public transportation because it caters to all passengers irrespective of height.

 The bus comes with a wheelbase of 6000mm and a curb weight of 12300 kg.

Number of seats

The all-new IVM 6110 is a 54-seater bus with provision made for up to 46 people to stand in the bus.


Innoson IVM 6110 is available in diesel or CNG variants.

 Price of Innoson IVM 6110 CNG bus in Nigeria

The Price of the Innoson IVM 6110 CNG bus in Nigeria has not been released as of the time of writing this post, we are working round the clock to bring you the price as soon as we get any positive feedback from the company.

 Price of Innoson IVM 6110 CNG bus in Nigeria

 Specifications of Innoson IVM 6110 CNG buses

ModelIVM 6110
Model year2023
Vehicle dimension (mm)1200x2550x3200
Wheelbase6000 mm
Interior height2500 mm
Curb weight12300kg
No of seats54
Engine8.3L Cummins Engine EQC300
Power100 hp
BrakeAir brake
SuspensionF3/R4 with shocker absorber
Clutch430 with clutch booster
FuelCNG/ Diesel
Price in NigeriaNot available right now

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