Tinted glass permit in Nigeria: Everything you need to know

Most Nigerians love driving cars with tinted cars, most do this for privacy while others do this for security reasons. In other to curb the menace of kidnapping, drug smuggling, armed robbery, and other crimes, the government made it compulsory that any citizen who drives a car with tinted glass must have a permit to do so. This article will teach you everything you need to know about tinted glass permit in Nigeria. This will cover reasons for driving tinted glass, the process of acquiring a tinted permit in Nigeria, the level of tinted glasses that require a permit, the cost of acquiring a tinted permit in Nigeria, and the organization that issues tinted permit.

  What are tinted glasses?

  Tinting a glass is when you add some layers of covering to it in other to reduce the amount of light and visibility that enters the vehicle.

 What is a tinted permit?

 This is a document issued by the Nigerian Police to citizens or corporations who own tinted vehicles. In other parts of the world, a tinted permit is also issued. The law regulating motor vehicle ownership and use in Nigeria makes it mandatory for all car users with tinted windows to have a permit to tint their glasses.

 How can I get a tinted permit in Nigeria?

Tinted permit in Nigeria

   Getting a tinted permit now is very easy since Nigerian Police design an online form where you can register and upload documents to their online database. The only place you might be delayed is when you go for biometric capture at the Police headquarters.

  1. Go to
  2. File the application form on the right to obtain an Application ID.
  3. Complete the Application Process by Login in with your email and the Application ID electronically generated.
  4. Fill in the Bio-Data form when logged-in and enter the details of the vehicle you want to obtain a tinted permit for with the instructions outlined on the page.
  5.  Upload your vehicle license, proof of ownership.
  6. Print out the information submitted then take the Print-out to the State Intelligence Bureau (SIB) in any Police Command, to capture your biometrics.
  7. Applicants applying on medical grounds must upload a medical report obtained from any government hospital and must bring original copies of all relevant documents for verification before their biometric can be captured.
  8. Upon completion of this procedure, your application shall be processed and decisions including the issuance of the permit if the application is successful shall be conveyed within five working days. Your application will be fully processed after these steps.

Applicants with challenges of processing their application online can go to the State Intelligence Bureau (SIB) within their State Police Command or the FHQ Abuja for support. Note that motor vehicle tinted permit can only be issued to applicants that meet the requirement as stated in section 66(2) of the National Road Traffic Regulation (1997) and Section 1(1) of the Motor Vehicle (prohibition of tinted glass) ACT, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria.

   Can tinted permits be transferred to another user?

 NO. The tinted permit cannot be transferred to another user. If you sell your car with tinted glasses, the new owner must either apply for his permit or change the glasses.

 Nigerian Police evaluate applications based on an owner/vehicle basis.

  What’s the cost of applying for a tinted permit?

Applying for a tinted permit in Nigeria is free. It could have been 100% free if the process can be completed online. When you go biometric capture, any money that is requested from you is illegal.

  My glass is not that dark, do I need a tinted permit too?

 Yes, you do. Any car that does not come with 100 percent clear glasses must have a tinted permit. It’s clearly stated in the constitution.

  What’s the grace period of the tinted permit?

 The grace period of a tinted permit is 14-days from the day of clearing at the port or the first day of purchase.

 What are the conditions for applying for a tinted permit?

 There are only two conditions by which you can apply for a vehicle tinted permit in Nigeria. They are 1. Security reasons and 2. Medical grounds.

  • Security: Most people, especially the VIPs always apply for a tinted permit for this reason. Popular people such as politicians, footballers, musicians, etc can apply on the grounds of security and get it approved for their safety. The reason that These public figures can be approved is because they need some level of anonymity when they are on the road.
  • Medical grounds: Your application can be approved on medical grounds if you can present a medical report that the sun rays have effects on your body. This is the easiest way of applying for a tinted permit. The sun rays most times is not too good for the especially the rays you find in some northern part of the country. If you have medical conditions, you can do well to apply for a tinted permit.

Are there fake tinted permits?

 Yes, there are fake ones. For your best interest, I will advise you to apply for it directly or if you want someone to help you, it must be someone you trust.

 If you need someone to help you and apply for it, you can contact 08107992356 to help you out.


 If you driving a car with tinted glasses, I will advise you to get your tinted permit so you get into trouble with anyone. Always be on the safer side so you can exercise your right anytime anywhere. Applying for a tinted permit is not hard at all so I don’t see any reason you don’t have it, besides it’s free.

People also search for how to apply for a tinted permit in Nigeria, Tinted permit in Nigeria and what’s the cost of getting a tinted permit in Nigeria?

The Inspector General of Police has stopped the issuance of tinted permit so from now on, no police has right to ask for tinted permit.

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