2021 Lexus UX debuts with a Black Line Edition

Specification and price of 2021 Lexus UX in Nigeria

   Based on the Hybrid model, the UX Black Edition is pairing both electric performance and design to set guests apart as they drive around town. The Black Edition differentiates the luxury class from the normal class. I will do justice to the price of 2021 Lexus UX in Nigeria as we progress in this article.

Specification and price of 2021 Lexus UX in Nigeria

  Lexus is producing only 1000 units of the 2021 UX 250h Black Line Special Edition. It offers some of the most requested updates and add-ons in a complete package.

 Each of the Black Line Edition will feature a unique combination of exclusive styling and value for guests looking for something unique to their taste.

   The wheels

Specification and price of 2021 Lexus UX in Nigeria

 The 2021 Lexus UX Black Line Edition comes with an 18-inch wheel with a black finish and black lug nuts. 

  2021 UX 250h colors

  It will be available in one of the three exterior colors, namely: Eminent White Pearl, Caviar, and the all-new Grecian Water.

 Inside the UX Black Line Edition, guests can select from Black or Birch NuLuxe trimmed seats with blue accents and seatbelts. Its color contrast continues with exclusive, color contrast floor, and cargo mats, and a touch of style carried through the color contrast black and blue with gloves.

Specification and price of 2021 Lexus UX in Nigeria

  Multimedia, infotainment, and technology

The 2021 Lexus UX Special Edition is equipped with advanced technology in other to enhance performance and comfort. It’s unveiling with power rear door with kick sensor, heated steering wheel, auto-dimming inside mirror, windshield de-icer, wireless charger, and Intuitive Parking Assist.

Zero Halliburton travel cases

All the 2021 Lexus Black Edition must come with this travel case. Lexus RX, ES, NX, etc come with this special and customized travel case.

 The cases are two customized Zero Halliburton travel case made exclusively for Lexus. Unique features in the case include, a chrome logo badge laser etched with Zero Halliburton for Lexus, sumptuous interior lining featuring a Lexus grille motif, and a Lexus embossed leather logo badge.

The customized luxury travel cases include an Edge Lightweight 22 inch International Carry-on and a 26 inch Continental travel case.

  Lexus made it known that the travel cases will be sent to guests at the address of their choice.

  Release date of the 2021 UX Black Line Edition

 It’s expected to be available in the Spring of 2021.

Global pricing of 2021 Lexus UX

The global pricing of 2021 Lexus UX will start from $32,300, while the special edition will range from $36,525.

  Price of 2021 Lexus UX in Nigeria

The price of 2021 Lexus UX in Nigeria will range from 23,000,000 Naira.

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