Pre-order any car from overseas with no downtime payment to Nigeria

Pre-order any car from overseas with 0 Naira downtime payment to Nigeria. You can pre-order any car from the USA, Canada, Dubai, UAE, Germany, China, etc to Nigeria at ease.
We are a duly registered company under the CAC [Corporate Affairs Commission]. We have been in this business for more than 10 years and we have brought in so many luxury cars into the country.

Why you should buy or pre-order from us…

pre order any car from overseas to Nigeria

1. No downtime payments for most cars unless in a case where we request it due to complications.

2. We have insurance that will cover your car in case of any damage. We don’t pray for anything of such but we are open and we tell our clients the truth about car importation. Most times the worse does happen inside the container. In our line of business, we try everything possible to avoid this ugly incident by using the world’s prestigious and trusted shipping company to ship our cars.
In cases where the order is a very luxurious ride worth millions, we always make use of air freight to reduce the risk of scratch. We always land them in any international airport of your choice.

3. Save more because, since its pre-order, it’s far cheaper because we will sell the cars to you at a giveaway price. You can save from 300k to 1 Billion Naira and above depending on the type of the car.

 Pre-order any car from overseas with no downtime payment to Nigeria

4. We provide a 100% real-time update on your consignment. We update you daily on any latest development.

5. We will always deliver your car to the destination. We deliver to your doorstep at the exact date we gave you.

6. In a case where we do no downtime payment, your mind will be at ease. We will only do some paperwork. Unless in cases where big funds are needed, you can make a little deposit to assist us to cover the huge expenses.

7. Before making any payment, you will come to our company’s head office and see things for yourself. You will see our legal documents, our assets, our lot, and all the cars available. We are not a group of people that do phone importation. We build a relationship.

8. We always give you an update on any latest development.

9. You will save more when you pre-order from us.

 Pre-order any car from overseas with no downtime payment to Nigeria
What are the car brands we pre-order?

We pre-order any car brand you might think of. We import luxury brands like Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Maserati, Bugatti, Ferrari, Range Rover, Mercedes Benz, among others.

Also, we can bring in every car you might think of such as Mercedes Benz car such as the Brabus, G wagon, dump truck, Mercedes Maybach Guard, Mercedes Benz S650, and S560, ETC.

Bringing in any Lamborghini products such as Lamborghini Urus, Lamborghini Hurricane, Aventador, etc in Nigeria is as easy as ABC.

Rolls Royce products such as Rolls Royce Cullinan, Wraith, Ghost, Phantom, etc are not an exception.

Porsche products such as Carrera, 911, Cayenne, etc

Bugatti products such as Chyron, Veyron, ETC.

We can bring in Ferrari, Toyota and any other type of car you might be thinking of.

What’s the mode of delivery?

For small cars, we mostly used the sea shipping method to reduce costs. This is for some cheap cars. The delivery duration depends mostly on the location that your car will be coming in from. For Seven to Nine weeks for the USA, Four to Six weeks for Germany and Forty-Five to Sixty days for UAE.

For Luxury Cars, we mostly prefer freight shipping and our delivery duration is 5 working days, But in a case where there are some delays such as some shipping delays or payment issues, the time frame might be longer than 5 working days.

On no account have we ever lied to our clients. We will always keep you posted. We always deliver at the exact time frame. Late delivery is rare because we try as much as possible to deliver the car to your doorstep.

We got you covered. Contact us today at Alpha Autos on 08107992356 let’s talk business. 

I am expecting your call.

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