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Tips for buying used trucks in Nigeria

Buying a used truck most times is not easy especially if you are a new timer in the field.  If you set out to buy a truck without taking all necessary precautions you might end up buying a bad truck or even spend more money on a low-budget truck. Today, I will give you tips for buying a tokunbo or used trucks in Nigeria.

  When it comes to buying a used truck, you have to make out time to compare prices, specifications, and determining what best suits your need. I will give you a rundown of what to consider first before setting out to buy a truck.

 Things to consider before buying a used truck in Nigeria

When we talk about things to consider, we talk about the key things that will determine the truck you are buying. They include your budget, truck specification that will suit your purpose,

  1. Your budget: before you talk about the model you’re buying, your budget should be the first thing you must talk about.
  2. The truck requirement: You have a load to carry or services to render with your truck, you will decide the best truck that can conveniently carry such goods. In a case where your budget is not up to the specification you want, you should try topping up because you should buy a truck that can serve you. This will give your truck a longer life and also reduce the cost of maintenance.

Things to look out for or tips for buying a used truck in Nigeria

Tips for buying used trucks in Nigeria

  There are so many things to check out before buying used trucks. I will list them below.

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  • Compare the price of used trucks online: Before thinking of buying a used truck go online and compare the price of the used trucks of the same specifications online. You got to arm yourself with enough information on the price so you don’t pay double the actual price. I made a post on the price of Howo dump trucks and tractor head in Nigeria and the price of Shacman trucks in Nigeria. Make sure you read those articles, they are very comprehensive.
  • Check for available used trucks for sale online: In the 21st century, everything is now online, you buy and sell online. As a new man in the field, you might not know the locations where you can buy a used truck, aside from that, checking online will give you more exposure and also help you to choose from a range of available trucks for sale. You can go through our listings on tokunbo and locally used trucks for sale in Nigeria, you can also check ads on Jiji and other online marketing platforms.
  • Go for physical inspection: I believe that by now, you must have seen photos of many trucks, it’s now time to set out for an inspection. If you are a newbie in the business, I will recommend you to hire the service of a trusted mechanic, so he can help you check everything I will list below.
  • Ask the owner his reason for selling it if it is locally used: This is very important, though most people might not open up if the car has any fault or not but it’s always good to ask.
  • Review the maintenance history: Some truck owners don’t carry out routine maintenance on their trucks and if you buy such a truck, you might get into big trouble because it might develop faults as time goes on.
  • Check the vehicle history online: copy the unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and search for the records of the truck before buying it. You can use ….. for the VIN check.
  • Carry out a thorough inspection on the truck: You have to be very careful when checking these parts because if you do, remember that you alone will suffer the consequences.
  • Things to check include:
  • Check the mileage
  • Check the body for rust
  • Determine parts that need replacing
  • Research the engine to know if it will suit the purpose
  • Examine the oil change records.
  • Understand the accident history
  • Check the oil
  • Look for body damage
  • Check the truck’s mileage
  • Inspect the tire tread
  • Check the brakes and transmission
  • For dump trucks, check the tipping system and make sure they are in good condition.
  • Determine the power and towing capacity: This is very important, some dealers may hype the power so you can buy it. Copy the truck number and search for the vehicle specifications online.
  • Put the budget for repairs and spare parts into consideration before making that payment: I always advise my customers to buy a truck that its spare parts are readily available. Trucks must break down and if there is no part to fix it, that’s where the big problem lies.
  • Also, always make sure that the cost of repairing the truck is not too much so you don’t invest all your income into fixing trucks.
  • Ask for a warranty before making the payment: This is very important especially when you are from the dealer for the first time. Also, make sure the warranty is written and signed by the company before making the payment.

 In any situation where you are not comfortable with the dealer, the truck, or the history, I will advise you to walk away.

Tips for buying used trucks in Nigeria

  Where can I buy used trucks in Nigeria?

   You can go through our listings on brand new, tokunbo, and locally used trucks for sale in Nigeria.

 If you need someone or a direct importer to talk to or buy from, you can always contact me on 08107992356. Am always available and willing to answer your questions.

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